Monday, March 15, 2010

Blog 11: Chapter 11: The Faculty/Student Nonaggression Pact

Why do many undergraduate students allow beer-and-circus to be a replacement for a significant education? If you have some spare time and would like a good read I suggest The Princeton Review, which is guidebook that presents evidence of the terrible undergraduate programs that exist in the United States university system. This chapter discusses the feelings of college students and their education. During this time, the feelings of college students throughout the country are pretty equivalent. They feel that they can achieve good grades without going to class; the main focus on many campuses is following college athletics, partying and having a grand old time. Students who attend large universities feel that they are just a number and removed academics from the top of their list and replaced it with partying and cheering on their college teams. With this being said, let’s talk about the cost of a college education. Parents and students spend an enormous amount of money to get an education. So what happens next, students get on campus figure out they don’t have to go to class to pass and they stop attending class. Prof detest teaching intro level classes because it is a world apart from their “research.” As a result, students stop going to class, but they receive decent grades and everyone is happy. The administration is pleased the professor is doing a good job, the student is happy they passed the class; the parents are thrilled their child passed the class. So in the end everyone at the university is a “HAPPY CAMPER!” Welcome to College 101!!!

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